Sunday, 4 July 2010

Update on Gillan-gate

Just a quick update on the Cheryl Gillan issue.

After her answer to Huw Irranca-Davies' question, one might have thought that the issue would be dropped. Not so. Keir has never known a Welshman to drop a cause like that so easily. In fact, Keir's sure this one will drag on. "It would not be right to leave this one rest on just one bold attempt," were the encouraging words from the Ogmore MP. He e-mailed Keir to give his thoughts and pointed out how rattled Mrs. Gillan got after being asked the question. "The lady's not for turning", were his apt words. Keir thinks that Mrs. Gillan couldn't care less about the committees she sits on or, for that matter, about Wales.

Irranca-Davies went on to raise the issue again at the seemingly farcical Welsh Grand Committee meeting a few days ago. Reading Betsan's blog is what I'd recommend to get an idea of the somewhat bizarre and shambolic way the new government is running the Welsh Office.

And, finally, the Welsh media have taken up the issue it seems. The Western Mail featured this article last week.

So no developments, but an update nonetheless.


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