Friday, 17 September 2010

The media is out of touch? Never?

Keir Hardie returns. This is a post just plugging the hole, more substantive, ('streetfighting', if you like) posts will be coming soon.

The PCC upheld a complaint by Clare Balding against AA Gill at the Sunday Times, who referred to her as a 'dyke on a bike' while reviewing a TV program which, fittingly thought Gill, she was riding round Britain.

AA Gill was defended by the Sunday Times as having a "acerbic...tasteless" sense of humour, and by the paper saying that the term 'dyke' has been reclaimed by several groups as an empowering term, including:
...two organisations, which are both called Dykes on Bikes.
The groups represent an American lesbian motorcycling movement and a UK-based cycling movement, whose members had reclaimed the word "dyke".
Seeing as hip hop artists have reclaimed the word 'nigger', I trust AA Gill would, if he so felt, review a documentary about a black person, lets say, who was, for sake of argument walking around Britain, as "...nigger on parade."

No, thought not.

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