Sunday, 10 October 2010

Labour Stupidity

Keir loves our party, but by Bevan is it stupid sometimes.

Fresh from the ridiculous scenario of a 9% union turnout swinging the leadership election, we have The Labour Party Shadow Cabinet Election.

Bloooody hell.

Keir is fully behind Ed Miliband despite voting for David. And it is for that reason that Keir fully expects Ed to be able to assemble a team of the correct, most able people to sit with him on the front bench. We spent 4 months enduring the slog of the leadership contest to pick the person we thought best equipped to lead our party and then don't even let them pick their Shadow Cabinet!

What we were left with was the embarrassing scenario of not having elected a Welsh MP to shadow the Welsh Secretary who we lambasted for being from an English constituency.

And then there's another layer of idiocy. Yvette Cooper was the clear winner of the election and wasn't even given one of the top two jobs!

Give me strength!!

We may as well have just used this method...

Sort this shambles out.


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  1. 2 things, we need to all be behind Ed - except for Mandy who I want to cast out (as it seems all labour people do). secondly I love that picture wish I had seen it during the campaign it would have made for a fun post.

    nice blog