Friday, 1 October 2010

PROOF: Tory Bear Is An Imbecile..., not just because of that photo.

Back at the start of the month, Keir commented on this Guido Fawkes article suggesting David Miliband was planning a victory party as his Movement for Change began organising an Assembly at Labour Party Conference. In actual fact, the Movement for Change was organising an Assembly to host whoever the leader of the Labour Party was to get them to commit to carrying on the work of training people in community organising skills.

After making the comment, Keir received an e-mail from Guido-lite blogger Tory Bear. It read:

"Saw your comment on Guido. I was the source of the story.

Had a long chat with the M4C person who called today and I specifically asked about the event. It it a rally and yes that line about whoever the winner may be is a clever bit of spin.

If DM didnt think he was going to win, and he is going to win, then why would he bother organising it?"

Awww...isn't he sweet trying to be all important. Love him. I'm sure Guido gave him a little pat on the head for "sourcing" that "story".

Anyway, it's quite satisfying now that Ed Miliband did attend the event, as the "M4C person" had originally told Tory Bear he would if he won. Not "clever spin" after all then, ay?

And even better that David Miliband, in his resignation letter, committed to developing Movement for Change. So that explains that he allowed the Assembly to be organised simply because he believes in the principles of the campaign.

It's no surprise that Tory Bear has barely commented since. Maybe Guido has told his wannabe that he should stop giving him shit stories and, as a result, he's decided to drop his criticism of M4C.

Unlucky. Maybe next time.