Saturday, 19 June 2010

It's Time To Agitate Once More

This man is the future. Keir is supporting David Miliband in the Labour Party leadership election.

Not only does Miliband have worldwide credibility, a statesmanlike manner, incredible intelligence and a kind of dorky funniness, but his plans to fundamentally change the way the Labour Party works are an absolute necessity for the party going into the future. Community organising principles were used by Keir as this party began it's life to represent the under-represented. We must use them now for the same reasons and more. There is a civil society waiting to be awakened in a manner conducive to effective action. Bubbling beneath the surface of the level where the decisions get made is a lot of anger and worry and only these techniques and principles can help people form active resistance and create positive change.

David Miliband believes in this too. His dedication to ceding power and ending the days of top-down, centralised power in the party is admirable and worthy of Keir's vote. This dedication is not apparent in candidates such as Ed Balls and Andy Burnham who appear to be happy to stick with the organisational structure as we know it. Also admirable is his promise that those people educated in the community organising techniques as part of his Movement for Change will be passed on to the party should he lose this election. It is this commitment that leads Keir to believe that he really loves the party and, more importantly, all who the party exists to represent.

Bring on the ballot. After considering all of the candidates and more than flirting with some, Keir is proud to be an active part of David Miliband's Movement for Change and his bid to be leader of the Labour Party.

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