Friday, 18 June 2010

To The Dispatch Box

After Keir's small campaign to raise the issue of Cheryl Gillan's lack of memberships on Cabinet Committees, some progress has been made.

As was previously mentioned, Huw Irranca-Davies MP submitted a question for Wales Orals on June 23rd. Keir is pleased to confirm that the question was selected and now the issue, with the help of Mr. Irranca-Davies, is on the Westminster agenda.

Keir knows you will all stay glued to your BBC Parliament screen or Democracy Live stream next Wednesday to see how Mrs. Gillan responds to the question. Keir is instead hoping to be in the public gallery, so will of course report on proceedings.

We have had some positive and supportive responses from Welsh Labour MPs and, as they outnumber Welsh MPs of other parties, the pressure in the house should be in our favour. Also, those Plaid MPs that sit should support our cause. Prepare to seethe, however, as the Tory MPs deny any negative ramifications caused by the Welsh Secretary having barely any memberships to committees. And it won't stop there: LibDem MPs appear to be following the Government line.

In the grand scheme of things, and in the context of it being our parliament with all of it's slow and cumbersome procedures, it is hard to set a tangible and realistic target. One realistic, yet still very optimistic, aim would be for Mrs. Gillan to agree to a meeting with one or more Welsh MPs who take issue with her lack of membership. At least then the MPs who support the cause will be able to produce a more detailed case. Personally, I can't see Mrs. Gillan doing anything but follow the line. The last thing the new, unstable Conservative government needs is a minor wrangle from a Cabinet Minister.

Still, we can but wait and see. Keir very much appreciates what Mr. Irranca-Davies is doing on behalf of the Welsh people.

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