Friday, 4 June 2010


A promising development in the Cheryl Gillan situation. It shall hereby be referred to as "Stiflegate".

Huw Irranca-Davies MP, one of Keir's earlier respondents, has been the only MP to take action on this issue in any constructive way. After thanking the man he now calls "Huw" for his initial response, Keir was delighted to hear back from the Ogmore MP as he said,

"Ok. Let's get the ball properly rolling. I have submitted a question for Wales Orals on 23rd June:
'How many Cabinet Committees will she be attending in her role as Secretary of State for Wales?"

This is great news indeed. Keir agrees with Huw as he continued,

"That simple and innocuous question should provide the catalyst for some good exchanges on the inadequate representation of Wales at Cabinet level."

He also said that he has, "...a good feeling in [his] bones" that this question will be selected for the debate.

This is indeed a success. As Huw said, this question should provoke debate in the house and will force Mrs. Gillan to give a response on the issue. She can surely not disagree with what we are saying, so it will be very interesting to hear her views. What is also important is the timing of the question. As Keir suggested to Huw, the issue needs to be raised soon before the new government has settled into its ways and the bums on seats on Committees are comfortable.

It is indeed heartening that for every Gwenda Thomas, there is a Huw Irranca-Davies. Keir will of course inform of any further developments.


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