Sunday, 15 August 2010

Keir Makes Reasoned Decision

Keir has decided to remove the post in response to Iain Dale's nasty, mocking attack on the working class.

It became apparent that, rather than reading the context and understanding why the post was written, people were jumping to the conclusion that Keir actually thought the things that were in the letter from the fictitious MP.

It is a shame that people cared not to read the context. It is also a shame that those who decided to criticise Keir for "homophobia" having not understood the post did not dish out the same criticism to Iain Dale for his blogpost which sparked the response.

Iain Dale's disgusting post that mocked the poor and vulnerable was something that he actually did find funny. Keir did not find the response letter funny; it was used to highlight the despicable nature of Dale's blog. It was deliberately absurd to highlight a point.

What Keir would suggest is that those who jumped to criticise his post examine their own attitude toward the poor. What is more of a disgrace than the criticism leveled at Keir is the lack of similar criticism directed towards Iain Dale; a man who's views on society must be killed off by any means necessary. His elitist ideology, and that of others, is the sort of thing that sparked Keir to enter the blogosphere.

The sooner that ideology leaves this country and this planet, the better.

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