Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Small Note On The Chilean Miners

While we fret about the actions of our government, Keir wants to remind those that care to read this little piece of internet that we must also not forget the plight of workers around the world. Keir was an internationalist. So for those who breathe the values that Keir founded our party on, it's distressing to hear of the Chilean mining accident.

A pre-teen Keir got trapped down a mine. His family feared him dead when he didn't come out with the other miners after an accident had left them stuck for some time. It turned out he had merely fallen asleep and was brought to safety by a co-worker once people realised he was down there. A slightly comical anecdote, but a despairingly serious incident. From these incidents, Keir was sparked to life. The injustice he saw and experienced moved him to fight, to agitate, to "stir up divine discontent" and to act: our movement was born.

If the stories are true, there is every chance the men stuck in the Copiapo mine could die deep underground. The psychological effects even if they don't die could be terrible. If these men come out alive and well, it will be a testament to the emergency services there as well as the advancement of nourishment technology.

Keir hopes they all see the light of day again like he did all those years ago. But let us not allow our political situation to blind us from the plight of these workers.

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