Sunday, 1 August 2010

Violins At The Ready

Interesting comments from Shimon Peres regarding the English attitude towards Jews. By "interesting", I mean deeply disturbing and deluded. The Zionist has suggested that England is "deeply pro-Arab"; something that must explain our country's recent actions in Iraq and during the Suez crisis. He also said that England has, "always worked against [Israel]"; something that must explain our role in helping the state of Israel itself to be created.

So, he's bonkers.

What I'm more concerned with is if and how William Hague now reacts to this. Israel's image has been severely damaged by the flotilla attacks and there seems to have been a burden lifted from the shoulders of European nations who were cautious about criticising Israel in the past. Hague now has a duty to defend the reputation of this country in light of these absurd comments from Peres but, from what I can tell, only some unknown MP who vice-chairs the Conservative Friends of Israel has spoken out. Where is Hague? Why hasn't he reacted like the former Foreign Secretary did to the use of fake British passports by Israeli assassins?

Wonder if Peres knew he was saying "English" and not "British"? Shimon does sound a bit Welsh...


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