Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling, Shadow Home Sec., and a perfect example of how thin the Blue teams squad really, is, and the man who brought you this:
A few weeks ago, I spent one of the most illuminating evenings that I have had since entering politics out with the specialist police team in Manchester's Moss Side that works to tackle the gang issues in the area...It's the world of the drama series 'The Wire'
and on [mis]hearing that General Sir Richard Dannatt had agreed to advise the Tories:
I hope that this isn't a political gimmick
is at it again...

The Tories, and in particular Grayling, attack "broken Britain", they claim in a press release that:

However, what they ignore is that in 2002 a new counting and reporting standard was introduced which vastly increased the numbers of violent crime. The same figures have caveats plastered all over it...yet the Tories missed it.

Either way, incompetance or pure politicking, you can be sure that if it was the Labour Party Davey C (and his media acolytes) would be having a field day. Can you imagine the eqv. Mail headline?

So, where is your righteous indignation..?

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