Monday, 8 February 2010

Guido is full of sh1t

Guido Fawkes says:
At the end of last week Guido learnt that next week Gordon is scheduled to meet George Papandreou, the socialist Greek prime minister who has led his country to ruin.
Now the Staines massive is a great hater of Gordon Brown, bordering on the lunancy he pins on the "Prime Mentalist". Well, more than that, I think it is bordering on the homoerotic! When you think about someone as much as he does it has got to be more than alturism!

Despite his posing as the preeminent know-it-all of the blogging world, as per usual Guido conveniently ignores the fact that the damage that Papendreou is desperately trying to repair, the deficit he is trying to slice, was accrued under the previous PM; and would you like to guess which side of the political spectrum he was from?

Of course, Papendreou is the Socialist PM who succeeded a government that was responsible for a bloated public sector (any civil unrest was solved with a tranche of new appointments) and, if I recall correctly, a £35,000 bill monthly for newspapers from one government department.

But when did the truth really matter to Guido Fawkes?

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