Sunday, 7 February 2010

Grayling denies misleading anyone...

So how does this work.

Chrissy G says statistics say one thing, when in fact it is like comparing apples with oranges, and not only refuses to apologise but also denies misleading anyone!

From Politics Home
Mr Grayling strongly denied claims that the Conservative party had been using violent crime statistics in a misleading way in party publications.

The party claimed a "significant rise" in violent crime in its literature, but used comparisons between pre- and post-2002 data sets which could not be easily compared due to a change in the way crime statistics were recorded.

"They are the official crime figures, they are the only way," Mr Grayling said.

"I can only use figures that the Home Office publishes and what the Home Office itself uses."

Chris. It really is simple. The only cause of the "significant rise" is because of a change in the way the figures are being counted! No more, no less. There has not been a significant rise in violent crime: but Police now classify violent crime when the alleged victim says it was violent, rather than using their own discretion. You are quite right however that you can only use the figures the HO publish, but at least you can be honest about what they say and why they say it. You are being nothing but dishonest.

Funnily enough, the media don't seem to be that interested in calling you on this!

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