Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mmmmm... secularism

Before I continue, I must add a dislcaimer of sorts:

Don't get me wrong. I am happy for people to believe whatever they want. And I know that the majority of Muslims and Catholics are sound, law-abiding, respectful people with no desire to impose their faith on anyone.


Joseph Alois Ratzinger, who can also be found under the strange alias of "The Pope", has spoken out against our government. The guy's recent statement is utterly confused, adding to my suspicion that this man, who seems to hold a firm grip on many peoples' opinions, is demented.

Our equality legislation has now extended laws to ensure people do not get discriminated against in society just because they fancy hopping into bed with, or marrying, someone of the same sex. Yet this senior with a head full of fairy tales has the nerve to say our legislation, "...violates natural law".

Extraordinarily interesting use of the word "natural". His whole warped philosophy declines nature. At least his predecessor seemed like an ok guy.

His comments just get progressively more diabolically ridiculous; the Telegraph states:

He said staying true to the Gospel "in no way restricts the freedom of others"

I assume that is other than in the sense that it restricts gay people the freedom to enter his gang. Of course the Gospel does apparently offer some noteworthy freedoms:

  • the freedom to harm oneself with a flesh-slashing whip
  • the freedom to insist God is real, using the argument: "prove he isn't real"
  • the freedom to inappropriately touch boys who just want to sing on a Sunday morning
I also can't help but feel a degree of sympathy for Islam. Not much; but a tiny degree. Because this elderly man continued, to tell bishops that:

"...they must continue to assert the Catholic point of view in national debates".

Why doesn't this maniac get slaughtered in the press and used to scare-monger in order to get popular opinion against him? We are no more a Catholic country than an Islamic country but people persist in saying that many Muslims want to force their religion upon us. Indeed, I'm sure a few Muslims do. But here is a clear statement in the same vein from a widely-known figure saying that his followers should try and impose Catholicism on us. Surely we should be more outraged by this than by the Muslim fanatics anyway? After all, Catholic countries have, for centuries, tried to invade our lands.

Where is the public outcry?

Again, this is not a tirade against religion; but a man.

I sincerely hope that when this lunatic arrives on our enlightened island this year, he is greeted with similar sentiments to those that rightly met folk like Abu Hamza.

I also hope politicians of all colours outwardly condemn this fruitcake for meddling in our progress toward equality.


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  1. I was going to do a fisk of this, but there really isn't the time. Apart from being astonishingly ill-informed about everything from history to theology, it also doesn't even have the guts to follow through with its bigoted nonsense (not about religion but a man - yeah right). Still, those straw men require a lot less effort to blow over, don't they?