Wednesday, 3 February 2010

"Go Shorty, it's your bi..."

Or not.

In echoing LetUsFaceTheFuture's earlier post; I find it very interesting that despite the serious nature of Clare Short's accusations:
Mr Blair "and his mates" decided war was necessary, and "everything was done on a wing and a prayer", Ms Short said.
Despite Shorty claiming that Tony 'Bliar' Blair went to war on a lie, plain and simple (which no other witness, as far as I can recall, have) and "leaned" on his legal advisor, very little have been made of them.

In fact, the BBC ranks her evidence below Sion Simon quitting to run for a position that doesn't exist yet.*

Do you think, perhaps, because out of the whole list of witnesses, her evidence, in that deep voice of hers, was the most predictable; consisting of her repeating "Tony killed innocent kiddies for oil and lied to cabinet, you, and most importantly, me" over and over again?

*Sion Simon. OK the WebCameron video is funny for, well, all the wrong reasons (as a Labour supporter) to be honest. Can't say I'm sorry to see him go though. And to be honest, whilst giving his sis £40k is probably potentially maybe illegal (see, Keir is hedging) this, both the haircut and his foul attitude, is what he should get his collar felt for.

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