Thursday, 4 February 2010

Homosexuals of the world; UNITE!

A very interesting piece in The Independent caught my eye today. Nicely following on from Catholicism's attitude toward homosexuality, we now have Conservativism's attitude.

It makes for fascinating reading. David Cameron pledging to stick with all Labour-implemented legislation on gay rights, whilst not putting through any of his own. "Progressive hero!", they will shout. Or not.

To quote Cameron:

"I think it's much more about culture than about law"


I mean, that's what we did with women; just changed our culture and they were magically allowed to vote and have jobs. And Gandhi kicked the British Raj out of India by changing culture. Oh, and lest we forget how JFK, LBJ and MLK all worked hard to get those changes in culture through so blacks could start living equally with whites in the States.

I suppose that this change in culture that Dave is looking for will be helped along by his Communities specialist, the culture-changing Sayeeda Varsi. The same Sayeeda Varsi who thought that lowering the age of consent from 18 to 16 would see men propositioning school children for gay sex. Those pesky, promiscuous gays. Miss "I'm-young-and-Muslim-and-don't-wear-a-Hijab-so-therefore-must-be-really-liberal" is clearly unaware that when men are gay, they don't suddenly have a lusting for young children. No, no, Sayeeda; you're confusing homosexuality with paedophilia. Why would someone seemingly so liberal do such a thing?

The article also sheds a little more light on the Tories colourful EU partners. So, as well as celebrating the SS, the Tories have now, by virtue of their political alliances, decided that it is ok to describe gays as "faggots".

It's ok though, the sister party in Canada can teach Dave, Sayeeda and their buddies about the way forward on homosexuality:

Year For Change. Indeed.


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