Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bercow Re-Elected

John Bercow re-elected as Speaker of the House of Commons. Somewhere, I'm sure, Iain Dale winces.

Keir could, however, hear Mad Nad's shrieking from the backbenches.

Clegg looks a bit embarrassed to be sitting where he is, actually. Will there be a scuffle when Gideon is there?

Just what we need! A good old ding-dong at the heart of government between Nicky and Gideon over who can sit next to Little Dave! (They could, of course, ask Willy to move but they're scared of him because he's a Comp' kid!)

Incidentally: PoliticsHome has the email Mad Nad sent around MPs, and Dale did have a point: the Emperor Ming was in the list of names of possible speakers; and I wouldn't suppose that happened without his permission, nor without the knowledge of the Government front bench. (see above, it is like a nightmare, but that is what it really looks like!)

Does make things interesting.

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