Tuesday, 18 May 2010


OK, so Keir promised no more bitterness...

But this has got to be one of the most fantastic contradictions of the Coalition's two front men.

Nick Clegg, this morning:
"[Big Society]...will be radical change that puts power back into the hands of the people....be bringing down vested interest and giving people real control over the lives we build in a Britain that is fair."
Nick Clegg, in Cardiff, during the election campaign:
"We are in the futures business, the Tories are in the risk business...'Big Society' is just a front to launch public service cuts. It's DIY, you're on your own public services. Like a lot about todays Tory Party, Big Society sounds nice enough, it looks fine, but scratch beneath the surface and it is the same Tory Party of old. To govern is to choose and they have their priorities wrong."
Considering the bile poured on the Labour Party for 'spin', it is absolutely hilarious. Either a. Clegg is lying about what his real opinion of the 'Big Society' is, or b. He has been won over by David's persuasive charms.

If it's a, then he really is a power grabbing, vacuous waste of space, and if it's b, Keir feels for the countless millions who voted for a man who clearly has so few convictions and principles he is willing to change his mind so dramatically.

How can Cameron believe a word Clegg is saying: it's like the Jeremy Kyle conundrum: he has cheated on his partner and left her for you. Why shouldn't you think he is going to do the exact same thing to you? Jeremy says it is paranoia, and normally puts it down to a drug/alcohol problem. But for Dave, this is the reality of government.

(HT to Red Rag)

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