Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Independent? Melodramatic? Nooo....

I know the Indy has a complex that means it has to try and be as dramatic as possible on its front page on as many days as possible for fear of losing its identity, but really....

Are they, like Nick Clegg, so dense to think that our political system has somehow magically reformed over the past few weeks? We have a Conservative government (yes, we do) that, amongst other things in its recent axe-wielding-fetish assault on our lives, scrapped government grants that would provide "green" jobs in deprived parts of the country at companies like Nissan. A Conservative government that is more concerned with getting toffs back on horseback so that they can train dogs to shred foxes with their teeth, than it is with creating wind-farms that would not only provide cleaner energy, but also more manufacturing jobs in parts of the country such as Wales and the North East that desperately need jobs to increase the 4% and 3% share of the UK economy that the Conservative Party manifesto pointed out they have.

I have the utmost respect for Caroline Lucas, but she's not going to force green issues onto the agenda of the assortment of dinosaurs, rich kids and homophobes on the government benches.

And maybe once the Independent and Nick Clegg stop gushing at the less-than-minuscule reform that is a referendum on AV, we can get back to discussing the inadequacies of our rotting electoral system.


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