Thursday, 20 May 2010

Do Not Let The Olive Branch Fall

Sometimes it is possible that we are too obsessed with our own little island. We can think about ourselves too much. Not so for the forces of unfairness though, whose tentacles continue to sprawl throughout the world. An example of which comes with the recent news that the UN seems likely to enforce further sanctions on Iran, whilst it lets Israel get away with murder in the totally non-figurative sense.

If the international community has judged Iranian premier Ahmadinejad’s uranium fetish as worthy of sanctions then I am more than happy. However, unless it starts giving Israel the same strict treatment it will not curb the anger of people like Ahmadinejad. His assertion that Israel be “wiped off the face of the earth" was met with hypocritical hysteria in the Western media considering that the Western world watches as Israel tries to do just that to Palestine.

Amongst other things, the Zionist state has disobeyed the global community on Resolution 1701, Resolution 1860, the use of illegal chemical weapons, the repeated calls to stop the building of illegal settlements and the International Court of Justice’s clear judgement that the West Bank wall was illegal. Indeed, they breached Resolution 1701 twice within 2 months of its inception and the then-PM Ehud Olmert declared that Resolution 1860 was “unworkable”. The settlements being built by Israel also breach a number of UN Resolutions. Considering Israel is bound by the UN Charter to accept all resolutions put forward by the Security Council, it is outrageous that not a single sanction has been put on the state.

In addition to this utterly outrageous behaviour, Israeli groups are saying that the Palestinian Authority’s decision to encourage a boycott of Israeli goods produced in the illegal settlements is, “economic terrorism”. Give me strength!

The media have their part to play. The impact they have had on humanitarian crises in Rwanda and Somalia, to name but two, is well known. However, until the powerful Jewish lobby is stood up to, the likes of CNN will surely never dare to criticise the Zionist state.

Another pathway to peace would come in the form of formidable leadership in Israel. But the next Yitzhak Rabin does not appear to be forthcoming. It therefore falls to he governments of the world. It seems to me that Western governments, preoccupied with the powerful lobbies, are missing one huge point; one huge opportunity. We rightly consider people like Captain Hook Abu Hamza, Osama bin Laden and, maybe, Ahmadinejad to be mentalists, but there is one thing that binds them to the “ordinary” Muslim: a total disdain for what is happening to the Palestinian people that they consider to be their brothers and sisters. Call it politicking or populism if you wish, but any party in Britain that actively supports the Palestinian people, along the line of UN Resolutions and therefore totally lawfully and reasonably, would enjoy the votes of masses of Muslim people who are upset by events in Palestine. I am not suggesting that Muslims are one homogenous political group, but from campaign experience and general observation, it is a big issue to Muslims. At the same time, it would go some way to calming the anger of the extremists who, time and time again in their recorded videos, mention these disgraceful events on the eastern tip of the Mediterranean Sea. And, of course, it is not just Muslim people who are outraged by the events. Last weekend saw a large protest on Whitehall by pro-Palestinian groups. The faces of the people were a variety of colours.

How many European governments would it take to produce a call strong enough to make Israel simply follow the law of the world? If the UK, Germany and France, all benefactors of industrious Islamic immigrants over the ages, spoke out and took a firmer stance, demanding Israel obey Resolutions, would President Obama feel bold enough to take on the lobby?


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