Monday, 17 May 2010

(Probably) The last mention of doublecrossing Lib Dems

Keir is not bitter about the Liberal Democrats joining the Tories, well, not much, anyway, and thinks that opposition is probably the best place for the Party at the moment.

One thing that Keir does find amusing however is the bottomless pit of of contradiction that the Coalition is built over, and this was obliquely reference by Cameron during their love-in in the 'Rose Garden'.

Keir finds himself agreeing with Cameron, shock horror, in that journalists really should have something better to do than dig up these statements. However, just because these comments aren't reported 1. Doesn't mean they didn't happen, and 2. Didn't, and doesn't, mean, that's what the members of both party real felt, and probably still feel.

Keir's favourite is something the Deputy Prime Minister said in 2008, and as far as he knows, has only got purchase in the blogosphere and amongst the Twitterati so far.

In Cleggy's first leadership speech at Liverpool, in 2008:

The day before I was elected leader, Mr Cameron suggested we join them.

He talked about a “progressive alliance”.

This talk of alliances comes up a lot, doesn’t it?

Everyone wants to be in our gang.

So I want to make something very clear today.

Will I ever join a Conservative government?


Will I ever join a Labour government?


I will never allow the Liberal Democrats to be a mere annex to another party's agenda.

Waaaaaaait a minuteeeee!

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