Thursday, 20 May 2010

Leadership News

Four bits of news today:
  1. Andy Burnham is in: Expected, it was heavily trailed last night. Keir used to be a fan but after reading his article in the Mirror, watching his interview on the Daily Politics, and looking at his odd website placeholder he is not so sure.
  2. The nominations period has been extended to 9th June from 27th May, giving prospective candidates more chance to canvas the PLP. This move was supported by McDonnell, Milliband E and the unexpected candidate. Keir struggles to understand why such a tight time-scale was imposed in the first place.
  3. Diane Abbott, Britain's first black female MP and Michael Portillo's best friend, has, surprisingly, also got involved. Like McDonnell she is in it for the 'debate'. Keir thinks there is a chance that she could split the anti-New Labour vote with McDonnell and keep them both off the ballot.
  4. David Miliband is now up to 32 supporters in the PLP, so is the first candidate to be definitely on the ballot. (He needs one more, but Keir doubts that will be long in coming).
Oh, and look at Ed Balls list of supporters...anyone rather significant missing...?

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