Monday, 17 May 2010

Mad Nad Fails

Well, Miss Dorries, who already is facing an enquiry into £10,000 of expenses she claimed to 'research and media services', it seems is going to lose out in her wish to see Speaker of the House, John Bercow, deposed.

In a Daily Fail article she wrote on the 16th of May, Mad Nad says that:
The Speaker will need to be authoritative, wise, knowledgeable and command the respect of the chamber. He will need gravitas and principle. In the forthcoming days of the coalition he will also need to be totally impartial.
She then claims that Bercow fulfils none of these criteria. Keir's not sure why not, but she uses a mixture of criticism of his wife and his desire not to wear the finery of office (apparently it reduces his gravitas and authority) to back up her argument.

Well it turns out she won't get her way: Patrick Wintour, in tomorrow's Guardian will state:
Opposition to Bercow is led by backbencher Dorries who claims Bercow failed to uphold the Speaker's "great tradition of authority, control and impartiality".

But Bercow has the support of both Nick Clegg and David Cameron, as well as the interim Labour leader, Harriet Harman.

One source said that if 20 or 30 MPs did vote against Bercow, more than most people predict, the outcome "will be cathartic, forcing a small parliamentary mujahideen to recognise finally that Bercow is legitimate figure".
Now Keir is not a big fan of Bercow, but he's even less of a fan of a self centred, self obsessed Conservative MP, who, whilst taking part in 'Tower Block of Commons' for C4, allegedly offered temazepan to single mothers she stayed with.

Keir will eat his beard if Bercow is defeated.

Edit: But if Iain Dale (worst Parliamentary candidate in history [tm]) is right, then maybe Keir will be seasoning his facial hair.

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