Saturday, 30 January 2010

A blast from the past...

In my daily self flagellation that is the reading of the masses of the hysterical right wing bloggers from the UK (at least you can laugh at Michelle Malkin, she lives abroad, but Guido, Dale, and Old Holborn live on the same bit of soil as me!) I spotted poor Iain bemoaning the fact that yet again he has missed out on selection for a seat; this time in Suffolk, to succeed the burger muncher himself, John Gummer. You can see that for yourself here under "Friday Snippets"

This is one of the things I don't understand; Daley managed to run up 10,000 people who hated him in 2005, seems to be toxic to all at CCHQ (despite being on the 'Priority List') and many in local Associations, (or is just insanely unlucky) yet still is one of the 'most read' political bloggers in the UK!

Anyway, back to the blast from the past. Turns out that one of the people who beat him onto the shortlist for Suffolk Coastal (and a pretty safe route into Parliament) was Therese Coffey! This poor woman got a bashing in my home constituency of Wrexham in 2005, being beat into third place behind the Fibbing Democrats. So a loser in Wrexham gets a possible free-ride elsewhere! (she does seem to have some support over at Conservative Home)

I don't blame them in a way though; anyone who has put in the hard yards in Wrexham for the Tories deserves something, although I'm not sure the poor people of Suffolk Coastal deserve a useless PPC and MP who herself has already been beaten in at least one nominating battle (to succeed David Wilshire in Spelthorne) and missed out in the European Elections!

But hey, Therese, don't worry, if you carry on like this your rather garish blog might start rivalling Dale's!

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