Sunday, 31 January 2010

Unit4d K1ngDum IndyPundent Partei

There are two upsides to this turn of events:

1. The well known UKIP candidate hopefully splits the ignorant bastard vote in Barking, squeezing Nick Griffin and his ego. (which is important, as the BNP hold 9 Council seats in the area and were only 30 or so votes away from coming second to Labour in 2005)
2. A good old Sunday chuckle.

Of course, quoted in UKIP voters favourite read the Daily Mail, Maloney claimed that the mistake had been his intention all along, and had done it before in fact!

‘I did that on purpose to see how many people pay attention,’ he added. ‘It causes interest. It means people start talking to you.’

He said he had used the same trick on promotional posters for boxing contests

100 of your finest British Pennies to anybody who can find a poster advertising a fight Maloney promoted with words misspelt. More of the same to anybody whose opinion of anyone who has misspells posters for attention is anything other than "twat".

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