Saturday, 30 January 2010

When do you know Liberal Democrats are lying?

When they talk about hospitals!

People who are always amazed at the inaccuracies and outwright lies the FibDems peddle and get away with will remember the boast that only electing a Liberal MP in a Manchester constituency in 2005 would save the local hospital; a cancer hospital that the local SHA and Primary Care Trust stated they had no intention of closing.

Well they are at it again! The Mirror's Kevin Maguire sat opposite a man on a train, later revealed to be local FibDem strategist Dan Falchikov (after he uploaded the picture to Twitter!) boasting about how the campaign had been created and how he had fed the story to the Evening Standard. Astroturfing at its most cynical one must say!

Yet still Nick Clegg has a video on their Facebook Campaign page, which so far only has smattering of people posting the truth on it. The FibDems are yet to apologise for what is clearly a completely made up story, and the boy Nick clearly is willing to stand for such cynical electioneering from his whiter than white party.

More information here and spew, here

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