Sunday, 31 January 2010

More Mail Non-Stories

The Hillary - Milliband relationship story that the Mail have been pushing for a while is rather amusing. While I'm obviously, no fan of infidelity and adultery wouldn't it be cracking to see the look on Mr Clinton's face when he realised two could play at that game?

However, as with 90% of stories in the Daily Mail, it is based on a single quote from a magazine interview HRC did a few months ago, and quotes from anonymous sources at a NATO summit. The usual Mail rigour was obviously used in researching this.

Well, todays offering is a "snub" "Hilly" has delivered to "Milly".
Mr Miliband, who is favourite to succeed Mr Brown as Labour leader, proudly told them how he had use of Chevening, situated near a lake in a 3,500-acre estate.

Warming to his theme, he gushed: ‘It is a wonderful house with 115 rooms and enormous grounds. It is big enough for all of you to stay. In fact, why don’t you all come?’

A grinning Mrs Clinton – who has confessed to having a ‘big crush’ on the Foreign Secretary – is said to have provoked laughter by teasing him: ‘That would be lovely, David, but you’d better do it before May 6.’

Did this happen? Probably. Snub? No. Joke? Yes. Is it important what is said in private (people forget more and more; these politicians, you know, are real people) about an election in which HRC is most probably going to be rooting for the side she just "snubbed"? No. Is this even really worth their while in writing? No. Have they written it for any reason other than to further riducule the government? No. (Although one must admit they have been quite good at doing that themselves recently)

I cannot wait to see the front page of the Daily Fail if the reds do pull it out of the bag and sneak home. Once I've seen the look on Osbournes face the Mail will be my next port of call.

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