Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Long Campaign might just work in 2010

Seasoned political watchers will know that the reason for the length of the campaign in 1997 was because John Major and the bastard sons and daughters of Thatcher thought that it would show the public how flimsy new Labour was. That didn't work then but it seems it may work this time around, and it is a disaster all of Camerons making. (Or is it Osbournes, as he is the GE Coordinator?)

It was a Tory decision to begin the campaign so early in the new year: the posters, now ridiculed, the most obvious demonstration of this.

This has been followed by utter confusion over their policies on families and taxation, and things are slowly, starting to happen. A YouGov poll for the Telegraph show the gap now 7 points, CON 38%(-2), LAB 31%(nc), LDEM 19%(+1) and an IpsosMori poll shows it as 8 CON 40%(-3), LAB 32%(+6), LDEM 16%(-4).

Squeaky bum time for the Cameroons, and it's only the end of January.

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  1. How an opposition, facing a government of nearly 13 years with one of the most unpopular PMs in History, can be so feebly ahead in the polls is humiliating.

    They have got nothing. Little baby-faced posh boy Osbourne is nowhere. Opposition should be making grand, bold statements at a time like this; government on the back foot, masses of unemployment and a nation as far out of a recession as Cameron's head is out of his arse.

    It's great though. And YouGov is mainly just for geeky, middle class internet conservatives so that makes the scores even more bewildering.

    I wonder what Thatcher would make of this little boy, air-brushing his posh-twat face under the banner of some sort of Neu Bevan-esque public service champion.