Saturday, 30 January 2010

Liberal Hysteria over Iraq is so sad

It really, really is, and that is before you ask them what they would have done instead of supporting the removal of a murderous tyrannical dictator.

What wasn't sad; what was, in fact, very funny, was seeing Sarah Teather demonstrate how ignorant she was on Question Time the other week; interrupting and talking over everybody else.

Anyway, the fuss over Iraq has only intensified with Tony Blair testifying at Chilcott. It is clear that there is only one scenario which will satisfy liberals and Liberal Democrats. It goes something like this.

1. Blair admits that he, Tony Bliar invented, along with Alistair Campbell, the entire intelligence dossier on Iraq and WMD.
2. Blair admits that George W. Bush told him to do this.
3. Blair admits that he withheld funding from our Armed Forces to give the Iraqis a chance.
4. Blair admits that he and George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq the first time they ever met.
5. Blair admits that the reason they did this was for the oodles of oil below Iraq.
6. Blair then begs the British judicial system to punish him, and/or the government send him to the Hague.
7. Blair prostrates himself before a IWCT and begs them to hang him.

Unless that happens then there will be calls for another enquiry, and another, and another and another, until that does actually happen! There is no 'new and compelling evidence' and I doubt there will be, so double jeopardy must apply!

Keir thinks liberals and Liberal Democrats need to get over themselves. Whilst they sing about reform of government, it seems the future PM they want is one that is afraid of making decisions to protect the country in case 5 years down the line a group of the muesli eating unshaven and unwashed decide to bowdlerize his name, and then get every decision made, action taken, examined by a enquiry completely out of context and out of the atmosphere of the time. Hindsight is indeed 20:20.

That is the precedent set by Chilcott; and the commentariat have the gall to call Gordon Brown indecisive! If they're not careful (the entire liberal media who seem intent on painting Blair as satan) then they will create a PM neccessarily indecisive out of a worry for his future freedom of movement!

Sickeningly, Melanie Phillips gets it.

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