Sunday, 31 January 2010

Impartial polling...

PoliticsHome provides an interesting insight into what should now be called the Tony Blair Inquiry.

The link is here

In their latest poll to their politically in-tune audience, they asked the following...
Regardless of whether you supported or opposed military action in Iraq, which of the following statements most closely describes your view on who you see as being responsible for Britain's participation in the conflict?
The answers were as follows...
Tony Blair is personally responsible - 30%
The Cabinet and the intelligence services, along with Tony Blair and his advisors, are responsible - 33%
I don't think it's possible to apportion responsibility in this way. Elements of the government, parliament, the media and the public are all responsible - 23%
The MPs of all parties who voted for the war are responsible - 11%

Of course, I'm all for scrutiny. And we should always hold our leaders to account.

However, you have to wonder...

Was it Blair's fault? Of course, he had a deep desire to go in. And has admitted, pretty much, that he would have found a way whatever happened. But that's the kind of decisiveness you'd expect from a man who is Prime Minister. You'd also expect people to want such decisiveness from their PM.

The intelligence? Ok, it was flawed. But, as has previously been noted in this blog, hindsight is 20:20.

The MPs who voted for it were just voting based on the aforementioned, erroneous intelligence. So blame can't be apportioned to them really.

So who, or what, was responsible?

Call me crazy, but could it be the man also responsible for this....

I didn't see his name on the list of options for the poll though.

Why don't these disgustingly ignorant, selfish people in this country take into consideration that these helpless people were massacred by the leader of their own country?

Like Tony said, by now, Hussein would have accumulated more capabilities to commit more atrocities like this.

So the anti-war brigade need to get their white-dreadlocked heads out of their root-eating, rag-wearing, bike-riding backsides, look at the real world and consider that there are more important things going on that need to be dealt with than their liberal crusade against anything and everything that might offend one iota of one person's fragile personality.

If we don't help to eliminate people like Saddam, these poor bastards certainly won't. What's more, their innocent voices will be lost in the History of evil men and their evil deeds, without even their children to tell the tale of horror. And this, while the voices of the middle-class hippies get broadcast in major cities and on major networks.
  • 1986-1989 - 200,000 Kurdish lives massacred.
  • 1991 - 60,000 Shi'ites killed.
  • Human Rights Offcials estimate nearly 1,000,000 Iraqi politicians killed.
Viva internationalism!


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