Sunday, 31 January 2010

Rumours of a defection in Scotland

Courtesy of 'Yapping Yousef'
Word reaches me of a story that could really stick it to the SNP as an elected representative is planning to defect to Labour having felt so disillusioned with the Nationalists.

I'm afraid I can't say anymore at the moment but I would thoroughly recommend that everyone reads the papers tomorrow morning!
Now off the top of my head (or with a bit of wiki based research) I can't think of any MP/MSP who is on the edge, so it's probably a Cllr or something, which would be a shame. But then again, would Yousef be so, well, you know, out there about it if it was just a Cllr? This might be nothing, but who knows?

I hope it's not Nicola Sturgeon. Because I really do hate her. This picture is the most flattering one I've ever seen.

Cool your heels lads, she's a shrill and looks nothing like this in real life!

UPDATE: It was a Cllr; and not a pleasant one at that.
South Lanarkshire councillor John McNamee has quit the party, which had initiated disciplinary procedures against him over concerns over his expense claims and were investigating him over alleged “inappropriate behaviour” at a social function.

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